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WFSB: Andy Grammer serenades students in Milford

May 10, 2018 – Andy Grammer plays for students in Milford as part of contest win.

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NEWS 12: Milford School wins contest, gets Andy Grammer concert

May 10, 2018 – Singer Andy Grammer treated students at JFK in Milford to a private concert for winning Bag It Up contest!

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Music Pop Star to Perform Private Show for Milford School

May 09, 2018 – Andy Grammer performs private performance for local school.

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JFK in Milford Wins Bag It Up Challenge

May 06, 2018 – JFK Elementary School in Milford wins the Bag It Up Challenge and prepares for private performance from star recording artist!

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John F. Kennedy School Wins Bag It Up for Goodwill Donation Challenge

May 02, 2018 – JFK Wins Bag It Up for Goodwill Donation Challenge!

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