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Upcoming Career Coaching Events

Take your job training — and your career prospects — to the next level by attending one of our upcoming career coaching workshops or hiring events.

Download the October 2018 Career Center Workshop Calendar

Download the October 2018 Career Center Hiring Event Calendar

Get Prepared


Career Plan

Stay accountable throughout your job search -- work one-on-one with a career coach to develop a personalized career plan.


Résumé & Transferable Skills

Learn to show off your skills and experience by creating a résumé that stands out from the crowd.


Cover Letter & Reference Page

Learn to create personalized cover letters that show potential employers why you’re the best person for the job.


Job Search

Struggling to find open job positions? This workshop is for you. We’ll explore various ways to search for jobs, how to avoid job scams and more.


Enhance Your Job Search with Mobile Devices

You don’t need a computer to search for jobs -- your internet-connected phone or tablet has everything you need. Learn how to use it as a convenient job-search tool.

Increase Your Job Search Success


Employment Applications 101

Learn more about each step of the job application process, from ways to search for a job to what to expect during the application process.


Pre-Employment Assessment Tests 101

Gain a deeper understanding of employment assessments and prepare yourself to complete these assessments, stress free.


Interview Skills 101

Prepare to present your best self during job interviews. This workshop will teach you what employers look for and how you can make a great impression.


Success in the Workplace

Are you ready for career advancement? Gain the skills you need to stand out and receive recognition on the job.

Expand Your Network


Networking 101

We’ll help you create a plan and develop the skills you need to make valuable connections with people who can help advance your career.



What is LinkedIn, and how can it help you find a job? We’ll explore these questions and more, so you will become confident about using this career-enhancing tool.


Personal Branding

In this workshop, we’ll explore the importance of having a personal brand. You’ll learn to take control of your image, online and off, to help further your career.


Starting a Career Change

Are you exploring a new career? Learn what to consider, how to research the possibilities and ways to use your existing work experience.

Learn a New Skill


Internet & Email Basics

Learn the basic skills you need to use email and the internet to complete a successful job search.


Intro to Microsoft Office

Get comfortable with understanding and using Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. This self-paced course will give you the basic skills you need.


Microsoft Word

Get hands-on in this online, self-paced course that will take you from hesitant beginner to knowledgeable expert.


Microsoft Excel

Does Excel overwhelm you? This online, self-paced course will build your confidence by first teaching you the basics, and then expanding into advanced features.


Microsoft PowerPoint

If you want to learn to create impressive presentations, PowerPoint is a key tool. You’ll enter this online, self-paced course a beginner and finish as a confident pro.


Intro to Typing

Whether you want to learn to type or improve your typing skills, we have self-paced, online courses that will advance your skills.


Learn a New Language

If you want to learn to read, write or speak in English or Spanish, this online, self-paced course is for you. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.


Customer Service 101

Does your job require customer interaction? If so, you’ll benefit from this course, which covers everything from developing good listening skills to the rules for excellent service.

Overcome Obstacles


Tips for the Mature Workforce

Learn to leverage your years of hard-earned experience as you search for a new job.


Job Searching for Returning Citizens

Learn to overcome a criminal conviction as you embark on a job search.


Teen Employment

Use your years of school and extracurricular activities to build a résumé that showcases your knowledge and skills, plus learn how to conduct your first-ever job search.


Stress Management

The job search process can be overwhelming. Learn to manage feelings of stress as you seek employment.

Achieve Financial Wellness


Personal Budgeting & Emergency Funds

Gain control over your household finances. Learn to establish a budget based on your income and expenses, as well as how to save for emergencies.



What bank is best for you? Explore the offerings of local banks and the features that will meet your needs.


Credit Cards & Building Credit

Building credit is an important part of financial growth, yet credit cards can be complicated. Learn to understand what to look for in a credit card and how to safely build credit.


Debt Relief & Bankruptcy

Even if your financial situation seems overwhelming, you have options. Together, we’ll explore ways you can take control of your finances and eliminate debt.


Loans & Large Purchases

Before you make a large purchase, make sure you understand the commitment. Get comfortable with all aspects of loans, from completing applications to getting the best rates.



Investing money can help grow your modest savings into a sizeable figure -- but first, you need to understand the basics.