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Your Donations in April Have Double the Impact!

Goodwill Give Back

May 5, 2021

The results are in, and in April Goodwill had 98,983 donation instances. We are rounding up and providing the Connecticut Restaurant Association a check for $20,000 to help four restaurants in the state with each receiving $5,000. Thank you to each and every one of you who supported this effort and made a donation in April. 

In partnership with the Connecticut Restaurant Association, we will give back to Connecticut restaurants when you give to Goodwill during April, providing immediate financial relief for restaurants and their workers. For every 5,000 donations we receive of gently used items, we will give back $1,000. 

Why is Goodwill Giving Back?

Goodwill supports its local communities and their ability to thrive. The pandemic has created a challenging climate for the Connecticut restaurant industry. Over 600 restaurants closed indefinitely due to the financial strains of limited capacities and increased costs due to COVID safety procedures. The Goodwill Give Back initiative supports employment recovery in the restaurant industry.

The restaurant industry for years has greatly supported Goodwill and our mission to get people to work. From our Career Centers to our Community Employment Services, restaurants have employed thousands of residents we have the pleasure of serving.

It is an honor to support an industry that has supported Goodwill and our mission to help people attain meaningful work. 

How will Goodwill Give Back?

For every 5,000 donation instances to Goodwill this April, we will donate $1,000 to the Connecticut Restaurant Relief Fund. The CT Restaurant Relief Fund's mission is to provide immediate financial relief to Connecticut's restaurant industry with funds designed to save these businesses and protect its workforce.

When to Donate

April 1 - April 30, 2021

Where to Donate

Only donations made to one of Goodwill of Western and Northern Connecticut's 28 locations will benefit this initiative.

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How Does my Donation Help?

Your donation has double the impact in April. Not only will your donations directly support Goodwill's mission of helping Connecticut residents find employment, but it will also benefit the recovery of Connecticut restaurants. For every 5,000 donations we receive, we will give back $1,000 to the CT Restaurant Relief Fund. 

More Ways to Help CT Restaurant's

  • With COVID restrictions lifted to 100% inside restaurants, consider making a reservation and eating inside at your favorite eatery.
  • Consider making a donation directly to the CT Restaurant Relief Fund.
  • Support your local eateries by ordering take-out directly from them.