WFSB: Andy Grammer serenades students in Milford

May 10, 2018, 6:15 PM
WFSB Channel 3
Caitlin Nuclo

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MILFORD, CT (WFSB) - Elementary school students in Milford were treated to a special show on Thursday as part of a reward for winning a state-wide charity contest.

Grammy-award-winning singer Andy Grammer stopped by JFK Elementary School on Thursday.

Students said they were shaking because everyone was screaming when he walked in.

"I just feel like you could be a little louder," Grammer told the students.

Grammer performed some of his biggest hits for his littlest fans.

It was the students' reward for winning the "Bag it up for Goodwill" challenge.

They competed with 365 schools in the state and collected 60,000 items to donate to charity.

“We sell them in the stores, it turns into good deeds," said Bonnie Etense, principal. "They’re helping their neighbors.”

It was an important life lesson.

"I think teaching kids service at a young age is really important and what a perfect way to do it," Grammer said.

The student told Channel 3 that it felt good to help people in need.

If it was a class in compassion, Grammer said the students passed the test.