Newington Retail Store Closing



Goodwill of Western & Northern Connecticut Announces Closing of Newington Retail Store


Bridgeport, Conn. (April 4, 2022) – Goodwill of Western and Northern Connecticut (GWNC) today announced that it will close its Newington retail location on May 19, 2022. The store opened in 2007 and, up until the last few years, had been a popular destination for shopping and donations in the community.

“We are grateful to Newington’s generous donors and patrons who have supported our mission over the years,” Ken Bennett, VP of Retail, Goodwill of Western and Northern Connecticut, said. “While it was a difficult decision to make, the numbers told the story, and our organization, like many others, has to make hard choices in order to continue executing its mission.”

“As an organization whose mission is rooted in employment, we are committed to helping our Newington retail store staff transition to another retail location or connect to new employment opportunities,” Rocco Tricarico, President & CEO, Goodwill of Western and Northern Connecticut, said. “Our Newington Team Members have been given access to a Goodwill Career Center Coach, at no cost. The Coach will help them to find new opportunities to pursue if that’s what they choose, but we are most hopeful that our Team Members will consider other employment opportunities here at Goodwill.”

Employees at the Newington retail store are being given the opportunity to transfer to another Goodwill retail location and Team Members who choose to stay on through the May 19, 2022, closing will receive a stay-on bonus.

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Goodwill is a non-profit organization that helps individuals, businesses, and communities come together to support people with disabilities, economic disadvantages, and other barriers to employment. Last year, Goodwill of Western and Northern Connecticut (GWNC) helped 2,766 Connecticut residents find work. And, in 2018, one out of every 275 hires in the US were the result of services provided by Goodwill. Donations of goods and revenue generated from store sales power this mission, with more than 90% reinvested into the programs and services strengthening Connecticut families. GWNC is headquartered in Bridgeport, Conn., and has store, donation, and career center locations around the state. To learn more, visit: