FOX61: Milford Students get a private concert from pop star

May 10, 2018, 6:39 PM
FOX 61
Aisha Mbowe

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MILFORD -- A group of elementary school kids got a chance to have a midday concert from a popular singer, songwriter.

Andy Grammer stopped by John F. Kennedy Elementary school in Milford as a grand prize for the school winning Goodwill’s Bag it Up challenge.

“The challenge was to really motivate their families to participate to donate undated items that can be recycled for Goodwill.” Principal Bonnie Etense said.

The school was able to collect more than 58,000 items, beating out more than 300 school in this year’s challenge.

"It’s wonderful, it's a win win win for everybody. I think teaching kids at a young age service is real important and what a perfect way to do it,” Grammer said.

While it made for a friendly competition and a sweet prize the staff members are hoping the kids can learn the joy in helping others in need.

“It made me feel good because some of the stuff that we donated we didn’t need so it was like we had it but it was like just being wasted,” said 5th grade student Cameron Upchurch.

Goodwill will transform the items collected into revenue to help Connecticut residents find work and achieve independence.